Creality CR10S5 User Guide

This printer is definitely for someone who has been printing for several years and understands the process well; someone who is comfortable assembling, disassembling and upgrading hardware and software. You've been warned.

BEFORE you open the box:

This is so important, it has its own section. When you take out the top frame that features gantry, DO NOT allow for Z axis lead screws to turn. If it happens, you will be stuck with uneven bed each time you print, until you manually (and painfully) fix the issue properly — mechanically.


Bed leveling

Leveling the bed manually is a very lengthy process. It will feel that you are barely turning the leveling knobs in order to get the layer height just right on such a massive bed. Use this test print to level your bed.


  • Learn how to print with PETG. I use this one – best deal and great, consistent quality.
  • If you ever need to glue PETG, use this glue. DO NOT inhale it – it literally kills your brain cells.
  • Nozzle Temperature: ~230-240°C. (The bigger the diameter, the higher the temperature.)
  • Bed: 80°C.
  • Retraction: 12mm @ 55mm/s. If you're having problems with stringing, run this print test several times until you eliminate stringing completely.
  • Travel > Combing Mode > All (in Cura).
  • Shell > Outer Wall Wipe Distance: 0mm.
  • Be sure you're not filling in any tiny holes with such retraction settings, or doing too many consecutive retractions – you will get a clog.
  • In case your printer starts to randomly pause, you might be printing a translucent material. If you have the filament sensor installed, disconnect it, and re-connect the factory plug which disables it.
  • Skipping filament? Here's a temp fix. Otherwise you need either a new spring, or a new feeder mechanism.

CR10 S5 project examples:

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