Link to a specific part of HTML page

This works great for very long pages, with a lot of sections you'd want to create ‘jump-to’ shortcuts.

  1. Create a link:

    <a href="page.html#specific-place">Jump to specific place</a>

    page.html is the name of the page you want to link to.
    #specific-place is the name of the location (anchor) within that page.

  2. Create an anchor:

    <a id="specific-place"></a>

    Anchors can be placed anywhere within the <body> of your page.

Note: anchors can have anything inside of them (images, text, etc), and if you want people to “reveal” an anchor link in the address bar of a browser window simply by pressing on it (so it could then be copied), just include the href="" element in your anchor:

<a href="page.html#specific-place" id="specific-place">Jump to specific place</a>

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