Miniature San Francisco

San Francisco holds a very special place in my heart. Having lived in the city for a number of years – from foggy Lake Merced, to eclectic Civic Center, my love for it was born during my first visit, when I was only 15 years old while visiting from Ukraine.

Perhaps the most defining element of the city is its architecture. San Francisco is packed with some of the most beautiful Victorians/Art Deco you can find anywhere. And me being the architecture nut (and model-maker) that I am, I'd like to capture this beauty in my own original way by producing a unique and very limited collection of my favorite buildings in 1:220 scale.

Miniatures will be 3D printed using the highest quality 3D printer in the world, and will feature exotic materials such as 24 karat gold.

Art pieces will greatly vary in their complexity and are expected to be in the range of $2,500-$15,000+ per model.

Intention is for these models to become rare and prized collectibles that are meant to outlast their creator(s) for centuries, just like the most admired artworks.

The idea of this project has been boiling for several years in my mind, so this post serves a a "starting point" for me to finally get going on it. Until I build out a dedicated website for this project, I will keep updating this article, so be sure to visit back.

NOTE: I'd love to collaborate on this project with someone (because doing things by yourself is boring), so if you feel like this is something that interests you, please get in touch.

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