Some of the feedback I've compiled over the years:

“Best visual designer we have!”

– Benjamin Schrauwen, Director, Autodesk Spark Platform and Products

“Yuriy is a stellar UX pro with a strategic mindset. His work embodies beautiful aesthetics that drive key conversion objectives. Not only has he pioneered A/B testing, he has acted as a mentor and champion of the testing program once ACG obtained enterprise access to a standardized tool. He goes beyond the call of duty to troubleshoot problems, install marketing systems, and ideate on ways to optimize experiences as well as workflows for big results - then does a great job of telling the business story after. He's a pleasure to work with, and recognition for his contributions is highly deserved.”

– Natalie Lin, Prod. Mktg. Mgr., RCE-Autodesk Consumer Products

“Each time I posed a creative idea, Yuriy came back with an excellent result. When I asked for technical illustrations for a new product manual, he created one of most straightforward and well-drawn manuals in the solid-state lighting industry.”

– Eric Chernuka, Marketing, illumivision inc.

“Thank you for always going above and beyond with your technical support.”

– Carlos Echeverri, Operations Manager, Gola USA

“Yuriy is a total rockstar. He has made HUGE strides to help us develop the Project Ignite site and really gone above and beyond to deliver on team objectives. He's a true asset to Autodesk and RCE. He always goes the extra mile and does it with a smile!”

– Victoria Mason, Field Marketing Manager, RCE-Autodesk Consumer Products

“Yura does some excellent work and everyone that I have referred seems to agree.”

– Tomasz Jablonski, President, ShoeGuru, T&Y Company

“Yuriy has gone over and above the call of duty in working on 123dapp.com, Tinkercad and Ignite. He has actively sought out areas where his talent and expertise can improve the site and its performance. An incomplete list of the areas where he has led to major improvement: app landing pages, content formatting, SEO, A/B testing.”

– Gian Villamil, Prod./Prod. Line Mgr., RCE-Autodesk Consumer Products

“Yuriy is a rockstar designer and a pleasure to work with.”

– Pasquale Volpintesta, Art Director, RCE-Autodesk Brand Creative

“Our experience with Yura and his team as customers since 2004 has been nothing short of incredible.”

– Aurie Phillipchuk, President, Edulis Imports

“Yuriy is the easiest product team member I have worked with. When we have minor suggestions for 123Dapp.com, he drops everything and does it right then (if it makes sense). He always has a good attitude and is doing more than what his job entails. I can't think of a more deserving person for the job.”

– John Oppenheimer, Marketing Operations Analyst, RCE-Autodesk Consumer Products

“Yuriy takes care of the overlooked little details for graphics and layout for our website. He listens to others ideas while also giving his own resulting in a solution that works for the team.”

– Christian Pramuk, Product Manager, RCE-Autodesk Consumer Products

“...[Website you've created] has been the major vehicle for the success of my book and the first thing I get asked about in interviews across the globe!”

– Kamilla Reid, Author, Questory of Root Karbunkulus

“Yuriy has gone above-and-beyond in the past year. He initiated projects that were “outside his job description” and that have significantly contributed to business. More importantly, his positive, up-for-anything attitude has had a hugely important and reassuring effect on the teams he works with, particularly in the midst of high-stress situations and pressing deadlines. Without complaint, he has worked evenings and weekends, all the while managing to make contributions on a large number of fronts. Personally, I have never worked with a designer who is more open to hearing suggestions”

– Amy Phillips, UX Architect, RCE-Autodesk Consumer Products

I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments!