Precise Modeling product photography

Ever since starting Precise Modeling in 2006 as one of the family ventures, I've become a self-proclaimed photographer for all the business needs. The style has evolved over the many years into what you see below. Enjoy!

With each photoshoot I like to experiment with different ways of setting up scenes… Call it “evolution”!

For the most recent spur of the moment shoot which was set up in the brightest room of the house – dining room, I used my old, trusty, home-built 'lightbox'. I built it large enough to fit some of the biggest projects (Mi-24 and An-26 in 1/32 scale!).

The following photo set was shot with the help of Nick Croken, and used a single large softbox with Lightrein grid, to better direct the light. It was positioned directly above the subject.

With a recent introduction of our limited edition kits and accessories for scale modeling, it was imperative to keep a consistent photography style, while creating small scenes that would spark interest, and tell more of a story, rather than simply shooting product on isolated white background.

In case you're wondering, these were shot with my new favorite macro lens: Nikon AF MICRO NIKKOR 60mm F2.8d

Setup in case of the following scenes is VERY simple, and only consists of a single LED lamp positioned inches away above the product. Simplicity wins. :)

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