Precise Modeling product photography

Ever since starting Precise Modeling in 2006 as one of the family ventures, I've become a self-proclaimed photographer for all the business needs. The style has evolved over the many years into what you see below. Enjoy!

With each photo shoot I like to experiment with different ways of setting up scenes. For the most recent shoot, I've used my old, trusty, home-built lightbox. I've built it large enough to fit some of the largest projects (Mi-24 and An-26)

The following photo set was shot with the help of Nick Croken, and used a large softbox with Lightrein grid to better direct the light.

With a recent introduction of our limited edition kits and accessories for scale modeling, it was imperative to keep a consistent photography style, while creating small scenes that would spark interest, and tell more of a story, rather than simply shooting product on isolated white background.

In case you're wondering, these were shot with my new favorite macro lens: Nikon AF MICRO NIKKOR 60mm F2.8d

I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments!