Cutty Sark (1982 Maly Modelarz) build process

Dad gave me this model a couple of years back and I have rediscovered it by accident just recently. Decided to build it with my kids. Started on January 14th, 2019 – a couple of weeks in, here's the progress so far.

This has got to be one of the most difficult paper models I've assembled (and I have done many throughout my life) due to fit and finish/with it being the first issue.

Update 12/12/22. One way or another, this thing is getting finished! Working on all the deck details and soon will be starting on rigging – which, as overwhelming as it looks, I can't wait to get going on! Idea is to keep as close as possible to the real thing.

Use a drill to thin out masts, etc. Start off with larger grit sand paper and finish off with smaller for a smooth surface.

A lot of parts don't fit at all, so you will have to create your own, proper fitting versions. First photo is of the original, second is the more streamlined version.

Since the model did not come with a stand, we decided to build our own, while pulling in some details from the real ship for added authenticity. Tinkercad was used to design and Ultimaker 2+ to print, which turned out quite amazing to my surprise! Find the Tinkercad file here.

I use an iron to cure white glue quicker:

Use a small, rounded object, like the end of a paint brush to achieve rounded edges.

Inside panels featuring Cutty Sark's art needed to be painted black, as you can see inside of them from the top.

Especially problematic wasthe rear eng of the ship as very few panels properly aligned.

Remember to always color the edges of your parts with a marker, so it looks less like a paper model.

Ship's hull structure needed to be heavily modified before it could be covered up to achieve symmetry.

Cutty Sark photo walkaround (121 photos)

Any serious modelmaker will do a ton of resarch before building their project. This compilation of photos was assembled over the years from various sources online, and I present it to you in a single, convenient place. Big thanks go out to all the contributors!

1982 Maly Modelarz Cutty Sark in a magazine form.

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