Concept for a luxury apartment building in Edmonton, Canada (98 Ave. at 105 St.)

This building has been designed around an open parcel of land leading up to downtown Edmonton. Close enough to walk downtown, minutes away (again by foot) from North America’s largest stretch of urban parkland (at 7,400 hectares!), yet far enough from all the sounds of downtown (not that sound would be an issue with all the soundproofing in this building.)

I have naturally used the cascading style to compliment the sloped hill that it would be built on (~10-15% slope)

I'm torn between whether this should be a multi-family or a single-family home. Both of the options would be equally interesting, but unless I move into it myself, I don't think Edmonton is quite ready for $20M+ single-family residences.

I believe that outdoor spaces are an essential part of any "complete" home, so the idea was to give families almost an equal amount of outdoor space as there is indoor space. Due to land size limitations the only logical way to create as many of these spaces was to cascade them.

Unfortunately photos don't give an idea of scale, but the oversized ceiling height would allow for things like split leveling, and obviously fairly large trees to be grown on each one of the patios.

There would be underground parking, concierge services, 24/7 security, etc.

I know that a lot of Edmonton residential developers and architects claim to have created "the next big/luxury/sustainable/green thing", but all of those projects always seem to fall short in one of those departments. Overall they just don't meet my standards for quality and excellence, so this project would be the direct reflection of the famous saying: "if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself" – just like any other project of mine.

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