San Francisco Bay Spheres

“Dare to dream of great things! Let us build magnificent structures, filled with purpose and reason.”

…Even I’ve been a victim of saying the Bay has no room for expansion. But that is untrue. All you have to do is think creatively. Sure, you could build on top of an existing pier, but that’s already been done – what hasn’t been done, is the following:

…And so in the most unlikely place, at the perfect time – out of dire need – a radically new way of thinking is born in the Bay.

Basic ideas

  • Do not take up a lot of space, as most of the structure will be built above water.
  • Each sphere is a community of its own, providing everything necessary to be self-sustaining (schools, shops, theaters, parks, etc).
  • Extreme density per sq.ft. of land it's built on.
  • Accessible by water transport and land transport alike.
  • Every resident enjoys virtually unobstructed views of the Bay from oversized, private patios.
  • These will be green buildings full of vegetation and community gardens.
  • Energy would be harnessed via a vertical mega wind turbine and solar panels.

Basic design thinking

  • Earthquake-resistant design.
  • Center column contains numerous elevators and hubs.
  • Each one of the four self-leveling, suspension support structures could also house elevators, increasing the number of entry points for convenience.
  • Each sphere could raise or lower itself to accommodate the rise/fall of sea level.

Conceptual designs

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