Multi-purpose Octocopter MPO-2 Cargo Transporter

Teaching my 4-year-old son the importance of simple, modular design. The fact that a single design could be easily adapted to multiple purposes. If you're not sure what I mean, check out the other design here:

MPO-2 allows for the most efficient short range transfer of standard 20' containers and can also carry a custom-designed container for best performance.

This is the second variation of the Multiple Purpose Octocopter (I finally came up with a name) series of aircraft. MPO-2 is a Cargo Transporter! Can't wait to get this 3D printed - it has some cool systems! Next in the series will be a civilian version, which, I'm not going to lie, I'm quite excited for! The scale for these is ~1:28.

My son replacing the spring to a stiffer one. The design makes it possible to upgrade suspension based on requirements, and is quite easy to disassemble without any specific tools! Linkages are joined together by cut-up 1.77mm PLA filament – no 3D printing required here! :)

Download the large container design from Thingiverse.

…Subconsciously this has most likely been the inspiration - ever since the very early childhood. ;)

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