Best tools for scale modeling

Finding the right tool is a challenging task which can take years. Below are some of my favorites that are either free or available for purchase online. You're welcome!

Free software:

Tinkercad – an extremely powerful, yet extremely simple 3D design application that allows you to create virtually anything you can imagine, and then, with the help of a 3D printer, you can turn your digital design into a physical model. Just imagine all the possibilities!

Modular Paint Rack

An open source Modular Paint Rack. Rack is very stable, and can be expanded both vertically and horizontally thanks to its modular design. V2 will include a brush compartment within the handle (coming soon). Tinker it here: for Tamiya bottles, for Testors & Model Master bottles. Enjoy!

Drill bits

The only collection of drill bits you'll ever need!

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Best airbrush set

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