Yerba Buena Tower, San Francisco

Yerba Buena – the Town that existed for 11 years, 7 months and 5 days, then became San Francisco.

I fell in love with Yerba Buena and Treasure Islands the moment I stepped foot on them. Without a shadow of a doubt, the vantage point of Yerba Buena's island provides for THE BEST San Francisco Bay area views. And since I'm very much of a "visual vampire" who draws energy and inspiration from the beauty of my surroundings, this is THE place for me…

360 degree view of the bay, from every floor. To the West, the majestic cityscape of San Francisco ufolds with Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate bridge towering in the background. To the North, Angel Island, with the flickering lights of Sausalito and Tiburon. To the East, the world's widest suspension bridge – the Bay Bridge, with industrious coasline of the city of Oakland and lucious, green hills of Berkeley. To the South, a sea of vesseles, and the San Mateo Bridge – the gateway to Silicon Valley.

“…There is a panoramic view that is awe inspiring because of its beauty. For unreality and an impression of fairy land - that is this lookout view on a moonlight night when the wind is blowing. It is cold and clear, with star dust above and diamond dust scattered below on the sloping hills that irregularly sketch their luminous outline around the far reaches of the bay. Ferry boats, like glow worms on mirrors, creep between the shores. Far down to the south, a straight line of wee fairy lanterns tells us that in truth we see the seven-mile-long San Mateo Bridge across the lower San Francisco Bay. Now the picture is enriched by the tracery of steel in silhouette with rosettes of light, proclaiming that Yerba Buena is no longer a thing apart.”

Ground floor

  • Features double lane lap pool,
  • 2 bath/change rooms,
  • 24/7 consierge services.

2nd floor

3rd floor

4th floor

  • Penthouse level.

5th floor

  • Rooftop deck.

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