Design happens naturally in my mind. I can pull ideas together that other people can't see. I approach problems from unusual angles. I thrive on complexity. For my physical designs, check out Making and Architecture.

Short on time? Quick portfolio. Not short on time?

Sometimes projects can take months and years to create and document, yet they only take split seconds to be ‘designed’ in my mind.

Only those who were born into a family of designers and engineers – which is rare to come by – will begin to understand my design approach and thinking. People who have attained the knowledge as a result of a career change, or a new hobby they've picked up along the way, will have a hard time grasping the ways in which my mind works to devour design problems.

Solutions to problems are born as fully-cooked end-results to a near perfect degree of accuracy to the final outcome – digital or physical.

In my mind, the design process is an express train that only makes stops to refuel, so the many stops of the route upon which other designers must get off on (Understanding, Researching, Analyzing, Future Proofing, Designing, Growing, etc) are automagically presented to me – the only issue is finding the quickest possible means of documentation, and the right group of people to build out these ideas with.

– Y

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